Tom F. Pardo is a French film director, producer, screenwriter, editor, and photographer.

Pardo has loved motion picture for as long as he can remember. Shooting short films with friends by the age of 12, and cutting videos throughout his teenage years, his first aspiration was to become a copywriter in an advertising agency. 

After a master degree in Communication & Media at the Paris School of Business and a dual-degree in the US, Tom landed a few student jobs from video editor in Los Angeles to PA in New York, and junior producer in his native Paris. He then moved to London, where he worked for nearly three years as an assistant editor in a movie trailer house based in Soho. This experience allowed him to work on the smallest indie films to the biggest blockbusters, and is now freelancing as a senior editor between Nice, Paris and London.

At the age of 26, he realized that his polyvalent and curious mind won’t allow him to focus on a single discipline, and so decided to become a film director, a position that would satiate his passions for writing, photography and post-production. His first short film as a writer/director/producer/editor, Submerged, has been selected in 14 festivals across the globe, and won the Grand Jury Prize & Public’s Choice Award at the Plug Mobile Film Festival in Nice, the First Prize at the International Mobile Festival in San Diego, along with a Silver Award for Best Mobile Short at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles.

With his production company, Shambala Films, Tom is working on two new shorts – including one animated film – and his first live-action feature.

You can learn more about Tom’s next project here: